Mandatory History Lesson About André Citroën and the Traction Avant

We have covered the history of the Traction Avant in previous articles, but today’s featured article by Philippe Defechereux in bears special mention, as he eloquently covers the political and financial climate around the time of the Traction Avant’s introduction.  At the same time, he goes into detail about how André Citroën established the company and the last few months before his death where he was forced to hand over controlling interest to Michelin.  He also examines the influence that Andrè Lefèbvre played in the Traction Avant’s engineering and he’s knowledge gained by working for Gabriel Voisin.  

This is the first article by Defechereux in an exclusive series that will be running about the Traction Avant.  While there are other books on all these people, the history of Citroën, and the Traction Avant, this article ties it all together exceptionally well and is most certainly worth reading. 

Find it here:


Update – July 19, 2017: The 2nd installment to the series about the Traction Avant can be found here:

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