by George Klein…..

So you open the fuse cover panel on your 1972 SM and see a bunch of black bricks.  What the heck?  Wonder who was messing around with the wiring? 

Any SM I recall seeing (and I have owned a few) have had glass fuses.  However on the 1972 model I am restoring at the moment, the fuses are black but fit into the holders that are the same as the ones used for the glass fuses.  Once the black bricks are removed, surprise – they are original SM fuses.  Lasted 45 years.  In my case, all 11 fuses.  None have blown.  Where would one get a replacement even if it did?  


Did Citroën only offer these types of fuses in the European SMs and for North America they used glass fuses because they were readily available here?  But I think the 1972 model that I have is an original Canadian car.  Could it have slipped by the North American spec people in the factory?  

In short if you see 11 fuses in your fuse box like these, you know no one touched your wiring.  Or at least in my case no one had to for 45 years!

As usual, an other over engineered SM item.  Solid cooper connectors.  No corrosion at all.


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