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A short anecdotal recollection — by Citroënvie member Robert Gaeddert…..

One overcast Sunday afternoon I was in the living room of my 100 year old home when there was a knock at the door.

Of course I answered and found a man who must have been in his seventies. He was wearing a service man’s outfit sort-of like an appliance repairman. He had driven by an seen my 1961 2CV parked on the street. I didn’t normally park on the street. Timidly he told me about seeing my car and wanted to ask about or look at it or something.

I wasn’t in the mood for this but he said he that at one time he owed a DS21; couldn’t drive it much though because it had a rod knock. I thought that was pretty good credentials so I said “come on”. I got him in the car and drove to a park near-by that had a roundabout.

We went around a couple of times leaning it over pretty good so he could get the deux chevaux experienceI offered to let him drive but he hemmed and hawed around like he couldn’t make up his mind or maybe he felt like he was imposing, so I lost patience and drove back home.

He tried to offer me $10 for gas, but I told him that was alright, it didn’t use that much. He thanked me and then he said ‘I’m on my way to heaven and I hope you are too.’ He handed me a Bible tract and bid good by. 

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