Michelin and 2CV Méhari Club Cassis Expand Tire Offerings

For several years now, 2CV Méhari Club Cassis have been selling Michelin tires for small Citroëns such as the 2CV, Dyane and Méhari. Now, the tire manufacturer and 2CV Mehari Club Cassis have announced a collaboration to carry an expanded Michelin tire line for classic and vintage vehicles.

Under this new 2CV Méhari Club Cassis claim to offer “around seven families of Michelin tires, with more than 80 types”, though searching their website on June 8, 2021, we were able to pull up only 38 results, 2 of which were inner tubes.

So, just how competitive is 2CV Mehari Club Cassis in pricing? It would appear quite… We did price comparisons on 3 sizes of Michelin tires commonly used on the following Citroën models:

  • 2CV – ( size: 125 SR 15 X )
  • DS – (size: 180 HR 15 XAS )
  • SM – (size: 205 70 VR 15 XWX )

Comparing prices with Longstone Tyres in the UK, and Coker Tire in the USA, both suppliers of Michelin (and other brands) of tires to the vintage and classic car market, in each case, 2CV Méhari Club Cassis was lower:

125 SR 15 X:

180 HR 15 XAS:

205 70 VR 15 XWX:

As the chart below shows, converting all prices to US Dollars — to give a common currency measure, on product purchase alone, 2CV Méhari Club Cassis had the best price:*

* For us here in North America there is one major caveat to purchasing on tire price alone and that is shipping cost. Longstone Tyre, who show the highest pricing for product, used to include FREE shipping to Canada, the USA and Europe, but as of June 28, 2021 it shows on their website that they charge a minimum 60 £ (about $76.80 US) fee, even if just one tire is ordered. We increased the order to 14 tires and got the same 60 £ shipping fee. Was then an error? An email Longstone asking about a 60 £ shipping charge on the purchase of 6 125 SR 15 Michelin X tires, produced a response from them saying that if we place an order and the webpage charges shipping, they will manually override the order and make sure we get free shipping! (Very nice of the them and that means they are a viable option even if they charge more for the tires themselves.) And for customers in the USA, Coker Tire, being USA based, has economical ground shipping options available.

So, prior to committing to any tire purchase, be sure to know and factor in the full cost of not only the tires, but actually getting them to your door!

Update: Sept 29, 2021 — This from Longstone Tyres : 

Sadly in the last few months the couriers have massively increased the shipping cost to Canada so we can no longer offer free shipping, we have tried our best to keep the cost down.

Apologies we cannot offer free shipping any longer.


  1. No longer free shipping from Longstone July 29, 2021 🙁 GBP150 to Australia for 10 tires. Michelin 125.80.15 for 2CV 6

  2. 2 weeks ago I added 6 of the 125.80.15 for 2CV 6 to my shopping cart at Longstone and saw a shipping charge to Canada of £60.00. I emailed them about the charge and they responded saying; “If you place the order and the webpage charges you carriage we will manually override the order and make sure you get free shipping.” So, I ordered and true to their word, the shipping was free — and fast. I had the tires in just 4 days!

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