Mismaque Squal – The BAT Influenced 2CV

We present here one of the rarest 2CV variations — a 1960 Mismaque Squal and the story of a unique survivor of this model — chassis 9C.


In 1955, a young french engineer Guy Mismaque, after first working at Bugatti, decided to create his own brand and cars.

Guy Mismaque – cira 1955.

As several of his french peers, Jean Rédélé (Alpine), René Bonnet (DB) were doing, he decided to build a small engine car, that would be both fast and very economical, thanks to a very light and sleek body. He called his cars “Squal”, which means “shark” in french.

They were quite small — much lower and shorter than a 2CV and weighing in at just 350 KG (772 lbs) — a feature that enabled it to achieve 120 km/h (80mph).

Note the Gandini wheel arches with their non-symmetrical angles — a feature that would later distinguish the Lamborghini Countach.

The rear design of the Squal bears a passing resemblance to the Alfa Romeo Berlina Aerodinamica Tecnica (B.A.T.) concept vehicles, designed by Franco Scaglione in a joint collaboration project between Alfa Romeo and the Italian design house Bertone that began in 1953. Three cars were built: the BAT 5 in 1953, the BAT 7 in 1954, and finally the BAT 9 in 1955.

Alfa Romeo BAT 5, BAT 7 and BAT 9.

Guy Mismaque spent three years building the prototype for his sports coupe. It was based on 2CV drive train, with hardened and lowered suspension. Its fiberglass body was built around a tubular chassis.

His first actual car, built in 1959, was presented at 1960 Paris Motor Show.

9 chassis were completed, and at least 3 cars were assembled. 2 of the cars were based on 2CV drive trains.

  • 1 survived with its original chassis and body panels, but was heavily modified by its owner who actually spoiled it.
  • The other one lost its body, but the chassis (9C) and title were saved.
  • 1 car with Simca Aronde mechanicals survived. It is fit and resides in the south of France

You will discover in the following pictures Guy Mismaque’s creative studies, the first car being built in his workshop, and the restored car based on chassis 9c.

Mr Mismaque, today is 87 years old. He has opened his archives and supplied his first design, his body studies, as well as searches for chassis, suspensions, bucket seats, lights and more…

Guy Mismaque and his son in front of the car today.


The 9C Chassis was fully straightened on a jig , thanks to Mismaque’s archives. Rusted parts were cut and the complete restored chassis was treated for rust protection. Its strength was tested before rebuilding the rest of the car

The body was molded from original forms and the 4 main parts (body, doors and front bonnet) were recreated then carefully adjusted. Gel coat and careful painting in the original 1959 Citroën color — a deep orange applied on DS of that era.

The restorer chose the very first body style, the purest and smoothest. The later air scoop on the bonnet was not retained.

The rear window was also molded thanks to the owner of the Simca based car. The front windshield, as in 1959, was sourced from a Renault Dauphine.

The dashboard and seats (respecting the very daring and pure shape of the buckets) were produced from original Mismaque molds. Original instruments were sourced.

A 425cc 2CV engine was restored and tuned to 18hp DIN

Original 1959 2CV wheels were sourced and restored, then fitted with a new set of Michelin X tires in the right size


The Squal is in perfect visual and driving condition. The collector who restored the car with the help of Mr Mismaque has started on another new and exciting project. He wishes to sell the car, and give with it all the original studies, newspapers, blueprints, etc. The car comes with a french title confirming:

Brand: Mismaque
Model: Squal
1st Registered: 02/01/1960
Fiscal power: 2 hp

Update — May 2, 2022: The car has been sold to a collector in New York City and will be on display in an Art Gallery in Manhattan.


  1. Now this, is a rare Citroen 2CV. So much I never heard of it. I checked my Citroen history book (yes I have a Citroen history book, as well as a Renault and a Peugeot, written by Rene Bellu, circa 1980), and it has a very minor mention of the Mismaque car. 1 photo and no description. Yeah so, rare indeed!
    Ps. While I’m not a member of your club or a Citroen owner, I do follow your site. I really enjoy it. Hopefully some day the Car Gods will drop a DS23 Pallas in my driveway. I did own 2 Cits when I lived in France decades ago. 75 DS20 break and 73 DSuper. Loved them! Thanks for your time, Butch

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