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Regular readers will note that for many years we have enthused about the Citroën GS, how it is a marvel of Citroën engineering, style and packaging when the company was at its zenith at its introduction in 1970.  Overshadowed by the SM at the time, it gave a preview as to what the replacement for what Citroën’s aging DS would be in an offering shaped like a miniature CX.  The GS was Citroën’s foray into a modern small family car.

Competitors had already discovered this segment for quite some time, but with its sleek design, superb suspension, futuristic dashboard and spacious trunk the GS immediately set a new standard in its class.  We discussed the reasons why the GS was shown, but never sold in North America, in an article written by George Dyke in the Spring 2005 Citroënthusiast magazine (available in our archives here).

In this book, author Marc Stabèl provides more detail on what Citroën was conceptualizing for North America.

Marc Stabel book_Citroen GS and GSA_1Marc Stabel book_Citroen GS and GSA_8

He describes the history of the Citroën GS and GSA by means of numerous facts and many previously unpublished photos.

Marc Stabel book_Citroen GS and GSA_4  Marc Stabel book_Citroen GS and GSA_7  Marc Stabel book_Citroen GS and GSA_5 

He extensively describes the development, background and historical context of the GS and its evolution.

Citroën expanded the GS range further with the Break (Estate) and the practical Service.  Their top model was the Birotor, a GS with a rotary engine.   In September 1979, the GS was replaced by the GSA, which had been modernized with features like a long-awaited fifth door and a fifth gear.

In July 1986 the final GSA left the factory, thus ending a very successful 16 year run.  Sure, there where downsides, but if you take a closer look, you’ll see that it’s a well-balanced car that has become very rare and vastly underrated as a collectible Citroën.   Marc’s book is an essential reference for every Citroën GS and GSA enthusiast.

It can be ordered at for 37,50 Euro.

GS-GSA boek cover standaard.indd

Key facts:
Citroën GS & GSA – topklasse in het middensegment (top class in the middle segment)
ISBN 978-90-815208-6-7
22 x 24 cm, 264 pgs
Dutch language
Author: Marc Stabèl

Marc Stabel book_Citroen GS and GSA_3

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