Does this Polestar logo look familiar?  Polestar is the official Volvo Cars performance company and develops electric high performance cars based on Volvos and offers technical and cosmetic upgrades to enhance Volvo models.

Now that Volvo is owned by the Chinese (Geely), we suppose they feel they are entitled to rip off the Citroën chevrons.  Funny how they fudged it so that if PSA were to sue, would they go after them for infingment of Citroën or the DS brand?



Geely did a quasi-similar  rip-off of Cadillac’s logo:

 Geely logo   Cadillac logo

Going after them, the chances of a winning judgement is slim. Toyota accused Geely in December 2002 of using a logo similar to Toyota’s in its “Meiri” sedans, which Toyota said could mislead customers.

Toyota logo (left), Geely “Meiri” logo (right)

Toyota said it had asked Geely to stop using the logo and decided to file the lawsuit in a Beijing court in December when Geely didn’t respond.  Toyota was demanding 14 million yuan ($1.7 million) in compensation from Geely.  On November 24, 2003 Toyota lost its lawsuit while a lawyer for Geely, described the verdict as “fair” and “objective.”

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