André has reported in that he and his wife have been visiting Mexico’s northern colonial cities and the mining country.


Today he is in Saltillo and plans to soon cross into the USA at Laredo in his historic DS-21 “3356 TT 75”.  (Read about André’s amazing so far here:

They have been through a bit of wet weather and had to put the DS in high position as the water was abundant in the streets of the city where they slept. 


So far the only mechanical issues have been a tired carburetor float and little corrosion and the bottom of the coolant tank.   … A little solder has put it back into service. 

They are on track to a target date of Sept. 22, to meet Lionel Guilbert in Bradenton, Florida and a meeting of Citroën fans.  That is happening at Mariposa Nursery, 5020 Lorraine Rd, Bradenton, FL 34211.  Francois Brun-Wilbaux, the owner of the Nursery, will be showing his impressive French car collection, housed in a custom built air- conditioned building on the premises.  We suspect though that the main attraction will be André when he pulls up in his World Cup Rally DS21!


Update – Sept 20, 2018:

We just got word that Andre Midol will not be able to attend the Citroën meeting in Florida on Sept.22.  The reason for André’s unexpected cancellation are in this email from Lionel Guilbert below:

“I’m afraid I have some less than expected news. I talked to André today and they will not be able to come to our meet for the following reasons:

The car has been acting up lately on the carb side and electrical side as well, bad battery connection suspected.  André does not feel that driving 5 hours to Bradenton and 5 back to Jacksonville would be wise.  They are in Jacksonville where they needed to arrange transport from the area instead of the originally planned Baltimore location due to the flooding restricting roads in the Carolinas.  They needed to accelerate their return to France due to André’s mother failing health.  The car ships Monday.  They have a previous engagement in North Central Florida that they could not change

André deeply regrets not being able to make it as he was looking forward to ending their trip on such a high note.  He wanted me to say that he will be at next year’s Citroën Centenary celebration in La Ferté-Vidame and would love to meet anyone from Florida that would be there.”