Citroënvie member Ben Boyle was on vacation in Jamacia and sent in this photos saying; “I saw these buses running all over Jamaica. Check out their logo!”


That’s rather blatant plagiarism of Citroën’s trademark logo!  The chevrons are bad enough, but the circle is just a “squish” away from the original Citroën logo of 1919.  


We wonder if Citroën has any valid claim rights to older logos that they have evolved?  We would think so, but with the Chinese, up until recently enforcement has been near impossible.  In the past year or so they have started to crack down on trademark rip-offs, but not much and the infringement compensation that has been awarded has been minuscule compared to what it would be in America or Europe.

Nevertheless, if PSA values the Citroën brand, you would think they would be challenging Golden Dragon’s logo, particularly since they are a vehicle manufacturer.