DS Owners Get Affirmations of Excellence

It’s really not something Citroën DS owners don’t already know, but it is nice to see automobile journalists heaping praise on the goddess.  Take for example the following accolades where Auto Express calls the DS “the absolute epitome of cool” and Top Gear feels it is the “most interesting car of all time”.  

Yes, we DS owners are the fortunate few to enjoy such a unique driving experience and visual style that, now more than ever, has these vehicles being so distinctive from everything else offered to date in automotive history. 

From Auto Express – December 7, 2017:

According to our readers, if there’s one car that is the absolute epitome of cool, it’s the Citroën DS. It’s not the fastest or the most exclusive car in our list, but it certainly has style and clever engineering on its side, while the DS name is a play on the French word for Goddess (déesse). You can easily envisage the DS wafting serenely around Paris, along the Champs Elysee and around the Arc De Triomphe before parking up in front of a cafe in the city.

It left a legacy that saw Citroën launch DS as a separate luxury brand in 2010, while the original DS is now a sought-after classic that commands a premium at auctions across the globe – it was even voted the most beautiful car of all time in a poll of 20 leading car designers.

And of course, the car’s appearance in popular culture has cemented its place as the coolest car ever. Celebrity owners included cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and artist Marc Chagall, while movie appearances include as a flying taxi in Back To The Future Part 2, where it picked up passengers in 2015, 60 years after it was first revealed…


And from Top Gear – March 19, 2018:

Perhaps the most interesting car of all time, the DS was an absolute sales juggernaut for something so ineffably unique. It also cemented Citroën’s reputation as a technological innovator and brilliantly idiosyncratic manufacturer.  It really is hard to choose a single trait that makes the DS interesting.  Is it the supremely wonderful and exceptionally complex hydropneumatic suspension system?  The ‘Take me to your leader’ styling?  The unmistakable mushroom brake pedal?  We really can’t choose; the DS is interesting from its fibreglass roof to its swivelling headlights. 



How right they are! 

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