Osenat Auctions the Perinet Marquet Collection

The Osenat Auction at Fontainebleau (just southeast of Paris) on Saturday, March 18 will offer 32 Citroëns (mostly DS and a Panhard Z1) from the Perinet-Marquet Collection.  

The collection started around 1970 by M.Perinet-Marquet, but goes back to an automotive interest established back in 1920 by Marcel Hantraye, a craftsman in Paris who created custom bodyshells for Panhard, Hotchkiss and Delahaye.  In 1950 it was taken over by Mr. Perinet-Marquet where it evolved to a garage specializing in car maintenance.  


The Citroëns up for sale all look like honest driver cars that have been well maintained.  And because they are selling so many DS in the collection, the suggested prices seem unusually low.

There are 2 Traction 15-6 (one a 1995 H – oleopneumatic) that look quite nice and appear undervalued.

The SM seems to be in excellent shape save for the mounting of a radio in the door sill just left of the driver’s seat.  

Definitely worth the trip over if anyone is in the market to buy any one of them.   You’d need to inspect them closely, but they do look promising!

Date & Time:  Saturday, March 18 @ 4 pm.

Location: Osenat Fontainebleau,  9-11 rue Royal, 77300 Fontainebleau
Tel:  +33 (0) 1 64 22 27 62

Quick overview listing:

View the catalog here:

UPDATE:  You can view the results here:

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