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You may remember Peacock Engineering as the company owned by legendary artisan craftsman Mick Peacock.  Peacock built very high quality all-steel aftermarket cabriolet conversion bodies for six-cylinder  Traction Avants.    Fabricated as a labour of love,  the last one made was in 2006 for Mr. Rob Réparon of The Netherlands as Mick found the process was too time consuming.

Rob Reparon - Peacock body Traction 15-6  Rob Réparon & 15-6 cabrio.

We had thought we had heard the last of of Peacock modifying Citroëns until we came upon – Peacock Engineering – Citroën DS Specialists!

Peacock Engineering Logo

Adrian Pease, started (the new) Peacock Engineering to concentrate solely on Citroën D models.  Following a career working with some world class engineering companies, he wanted to utilize his skills in order to improve on the original Citroën concept, and so continues to work on upgrades to enhance the DS driving experience and keep as many on the road as possible.  His work is an impressive combination of full restorations  and unique conversions, many focused on increased engine performance.

Adrian Pease - Peacock Engineering  Adrian Pease

One such conversion which Adrian refers to as the Citroën Maserati DSM 27, (the car Citroën could and should have made) is the fitting of a SM V6 engine into a DS.  This required substantial modifications to the engine bay and as this car was right hand drive.

SM Engine in DS  DSM 27 engine bay - Peacock Engineering

The clutch pedal was eliminated due to lack of space and an upgeared 4 speed semi-automatic DS gearbox was installed.  The ancillary components were fitted in whatever was the most suitable remaining space available.  A SM radiator was fitted at an angle to allow the DS bonnet to close, and CX twin fans were added controlled in conjunction with an electric coolant pump and thermostat arrangement.  Not content with just an engine transplant, the body was modified from a sedan to a four door convertible.

DSM 27 - Peacock Engineering  DSM 27 rear - Peacock Engineering  DSM 27 Dash - Peacock Engineering

See a video clip (unfortunately with a squished aspect ratio) of the DSM here: 

DSM 27 video screenshot - Peacock Engineering

Less radical than the DSM, but equally innovative, is Adrian’s DS 2.5 litre engine.  The DS was always criticized for the engine as being underpowered.  This improvement addresses this issue in a relatively simple and practical manner.  The 2527cc engine is a combination of a CX25 block and crankshaft together with DS23 engine parts and some special components to create an engine that looks almost identical to the standard unit but has a welcome boost to power and torque.  Together with a modern injection system and an uprated gearbox, the result is a car that can easily match the pace of modern motorway motoring.

DS 2.5L engine - Peacock Engineering  Here is a 2.5 and 2.1 engine side by side…spot the difference.

Peacock Engineering was established for the purpose of offering a comprehensive range of Citroën D model services and any requirement is considered:

• Upgrades include – stainless steel exhaust systems, electronic ignition, electric radiator fans, halogen headlamps, improved cabin heating, in-car entertainment systems, even a Webasto full length sunroof!

• Proven modifications to Citroën DS models include fitting a sunroof, converting the vehicle from left to right hand drive and converting manual gearboxes to semi-automatic

• And the experimentation continues…  LPG installation, a 5 speed semi-automatic conversion, the fitting ofd a modern gas injection system (sans distributor) and improving the practicality and utilize the carrying capacity of the DS by converting it to a hatchback.  This was successfully achieved as a prototype by using rear seats from an XM that folded flat to provide a large load area.

For more information on what may be possible to enhance a DS contact:
Adrian Pease
Peacock Engineering
14 Knipe Close, Tacolneston
Norfolk, England
NR16 1B

Tel: 01508 481978

Mobile: 07899 822529


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