What is it that makes people think they can improve the design of the Citroën DS?   Flaminio Bertoni’s masterful work has stood the test of time to be recognized as one of the most beautiful automobiles ever created.   And yet people try to morph it into, well, this….

Citroënvie subscriber Krystyna Lagowski came upon this creature on a Polish website claiming it to be the only Citroën of its type in Poland.  We hope so.

OK, that’s our editorial opinion.  Krystyna says “The back end alone makes this one of the most stunning vehicles I’ve seen in, oh, ever ever”.

Given that it’s a work in progress and that it’s ultimate purpose is to become a distinctive hot-rod, we’re prepared to say congratulations for paying homage to the DS by chopping down the roof, sealing up the rear doors and doing the funky rear window treatment.

Is this a hit or a miss for you?


  1. DS was conceived spiritually in the mind of the designer.

    Polski Citroen is a joke!

    Kindly please remove all non-Citroens from the Citroenvie.

  2. Good work, well done!Looks cool! We have to go a long way to be as creative with the D’s to catch up to the 2CV freaks !

  3. I love custom work, this one is a cool take on a Citroën. Since I love wagons, a Nomad Style DS is a great idea!

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