Thanks to the efforts of small companies like JAVEL Citroën Specialists in Tokyo, classic Citroëns not only remain on the road in Japan, but they are built to a new standard.

JAVEL is delivering fully restored classic Citroëns with low emission systems consisting of a lambda sensor, catalytic converter and system control ECU designed by them. Customers can enjoy their DS, GS, SM and CX — free from caring about high emissions and the smell of the exhaust.

JAVEL has also developed an air-conditioning system for the D series. Cold air comes from a center vent which was specially designed by them. They claim the system works wonderfully even in Tokyo’s heavy traffic jams. Here’s what it looks like inside the car:

Why the name JAVEL for his business you ask? Yoichi Takemura of JAVEL explains it: “JAVEL” is the name of the district on the banks of the Seine in the 15th arrondissement of southwestern Paris, and is the birthplace of Citroën.  Here was the first Citroën factory. Even now, there is a Javel-André Citroën station and André Citroën Park named after the founder of Citroën.”  

When not getting to the mechanical aspects of Citroëns, Yoichi devotes time to interpreting them in art. He recently posted this video called “moment” where he says; “I love it when two of my great loves, Japan and the Citroen DS, come together.”

Yoichi Takemura’s JAVEL website is quite elaborate with nice layout and graphics.  If you use Google Chrome as your web browser it automatically translates it into English. Check it out:

And you can see a series of photos of his business, here.

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