Raj’s CX Possum Discovery

Citroënvie member Prakash Raja of Mississauga Ontario got an autumn surprise when he went to check on his CX parked in his driveway.  It was by sheer accident that he looked under the hood just to make sure that nothing was amiss.  Upon opening the hood, he remembered it that he had vacuumed all the leaves from the cars vicinity, yet a bunch of leaves from his Magnolia tree in the garden were in the back of the engine up against the firewall.  That got him thinking and taking a closer look…

As he started to remove the leaves from the engine compartment, he noticed something white a furry lodged behind the coolant bottle.  And the thing started to move!   The year before, mice had been getting through the small hole between the speedo cable and the engine.  They chewed up most of the CX wiring behind the dashboard.  Raj had to remove the dashboard and the speedo cluster, (all plasticky and it broke in places).  It wasn’t worth keeping so instead he replaced it with a spare Series one dashboard cluster that he had.  However this thing looked much larger than a mouse.

It was at that point that Raj pulled out his cell phone to document was it was.  As you can see in this charming video (below), it turned out to be a possum!  Raj had a very nice chat with it and managed to persuade it that there are better places to build a home for the winter than in his CX.


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