Records As to the History of Your Citroën Are Available

The records of Citroën, Panhard and Peugeot cars are held in the archives of Association l’Aventure Peugeot Citroën DS. By contacting them, they can provide a certificate of the build date, (written in french). It will show:

  • Date of manufacture
  • Body version (Sedan, Roadster…)
  • Finish level (Pallas…)
  • Confirmation if the provided numbers (engine, body, bodyshell) are a match together.

And if the car was built after the ’70s, there are other details:

  • Version (2CV Charleston…)
  • Colour
  • Name of the dealership

The amount of information available about your car varies depending on its brand, model and year.

Recently they received a Microfilm Scanner, so they can, if available, provide a digital copy of the record at a fee of €20. (€15 if you are a member of L’ Amicale Citroën Internationale). 

You can apply here:
Or ask them to send you the order form (a PDF file) at this email address:

L’ équipe du Service Identification Véhicules
Association l’Aventure Peugeot Citroën DS
Centre d’Archives d’Hérimoncourt
1 rue du Stade

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