Simon Walker touts the GS on just posted a great video (and article) with Citroënvie member Simon Walker talking about the virtues of the GS. Both showcase his 1978 GS Citromatic, a rare and unusual model that provides manual gear changeability, but without a clutch pedal, somewhat like a DS semi-automatic gearbox, but in this case using a torque converter.

The one thing that is overly conservative in the piece is the claim that the car will “scoot happily up to 110 km/h, but not much faster.” A GS Citromatic can achieve about 125 km/hr, while a GS with a regular 4-speed manual gearbox can do 140 km/hr running flat out.

View the video:

Or read the article here.

We recently added a Registry of GS and GSA in North America to Citroënvie. You can find that here.

Title photo courtesy of Rita Zeitsma Photography (

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