Top Gear got it right – “The Traction Avant is perhaps the world’s most innovative car. Lovely thing to drive, too”

It’s what we have been saying for decades, and we’re glad to see that the staff at Top Gear have come to the same conclusion. Mind you, the French Resistance in World War II, the Nazis that frequently commandeered Tractions they happened upon in that period and the French gangsters of the late 1930s, ’40s and ’50s needing to outrun the law — they all knew firsthand of Traction Avant superiority.

What’s even more fortunate for Citroën enthusiasts today is that the Traction Avant is still a very affordable classic. Imagine, a reliable, iconic, beautifully styled car that not only drives better than any other car from its era, but is impressively driveable measured by today’s standards. And even more amazing — based on a design that was introduced 84 years ago!

The last Traction Avant (an 11B Normale) rolls off the assembly line in 1957.

No wonder Top Gear gave it a 9 out of 10 rating! Read just how impressed they are here:

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