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Some of us at the Citroën Club here in Minnesota have been sifting thought a massive amount of parts from one of our club members on behalf of his estate.

So far, one of our members has absorbed all the 2CV parts and cars and subsequently brought one car to life. It was sold to a new member of our Club.

Now we are now tackling the SM parts and cars. So far the cars are gone and some parts have been distributed, in particular a 5-speed gearbox (it is also used in some Lotus models although in a different configuration). Nonetheless we were happy to offer many SM parts as we not like to see them wasted.

The scope of parts is immense and many of them are NOS — usually purchased at a minimum in triplicate. There are also good used parts; body parts, engine parts, hydraulic parts, trim parts, interior parts etc… It looks like going to a Citroën dealer in the late 70’s in their parts department!

The plan is to keep what is usable; for example the European spec turning headlights and possibly the extremely rare optional Michelin resin wheels. We will sell the extra product so they can be used for other SM’s in the US. Some of the parts will be installed on my friend SM’s, one will be the turning headlights with the glass covers to replace the ugly US spec fixed ones. Its quite a complex system to install but it will be worth the work.

Some parts might end going back to some European SM owners, (for example the 9 aforementioned resin wheels). There is a complete set of wheels and tires — correct V
rated Michelin XWX new with the factory stickers on them. Of course the tires are 30 years old but new old stock tires — amazing — and great to have on an SM at a concours show event.

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  1. I am looking for radiator hoses and sensors mounted on water pump for 1973 US SM. Engine is out of car so I want to replace these items with new. I can provide parts numbers/photos if you need them. Have all parts books. Please advise. Thank you

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