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Citroenvie member Wyatt Markus of Au Sable Forks, NY sent us this remarkable photo proving it can be done.   It’s inside a stretched (170″ wheelbase) model.  Tight fit!   The wheel arch width of the Sprinter is “just” sufficient enough to acommodate the 2CV.  Even so, we wonder how it fit in because the interior width between the rear wheelarches in the Sprinter is spec’d at 1349 mm and the width of a 2CV, measured outer edge to outer edge of the tires would be 1405 mm ?

Note that this 2CV is an early pre-1960 model.  It should have narrow Michelin tires (assuming 125SR400 tires are fitted).  Anyway as the picture shows, fit it does!!

We presume that to exit the 2CV you must:

  1. use the rear door at the side opening of the van, or
  2. remove the trunk lid and the back seat and crawl out through the trunk.

Sprinter vans have proved to be popular utility vehicles and are available from Mercedes Benz and Freightliner.  Dodge also sold the Sprinter from 2004 to 2010 when Dodge lost its contract to sell Sprinters in USA and Canada and a subset of Mercedes-Benz dealers gained that franchise.

2012-Mercedes-Benz-Sprinter Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Dodge has since begun selling the RAM ProMaster van which is the same body as Citroën’s Jumper Van and Fiat Ducato.   And if you plan to haul a 2CV inside one of these you will pleased to know the interior wheelarch width is a more comfortable 1422 mm.  Though you will need the extended (159″) length version.

RAM Promaster 3500 RAM ProMaster citroen-jumper-17Citroën Jumper

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