Fanny Adam and her documentary team have set off on the 2nd stage of their Terra America expedition to cross the North and South American continents in a Traction Avant. This time they will be concentrating on Mexico and Central America, but first take in a bit of the USA Southwest, traveling from Los Angeles east to Arizona.

Route 66 is on their agenda (from Kingman through the Hualapai Indian Reserve heading towards Peach Spring) and also the south rim of the Grand Canyon, before heading to Flagstaff and descending toward Mexico.

After arranging for some new sponsorship in France and attending Retromobile in Paris to promote the expedition, Fanny and her colleagues traveled for more than 36 hours from Brittany to Los Angeles to meet up with Suzanne (the affectionate name given to the specially prepared Traction Avant) that had been stored in LA since completion of their Alaska to LA run in the spring of 2021.

Arriving at LAX.

Before setting off on the second leg, Suzanne was subjected to a good going-over by Jean-Francois Martin at Citroën specialist MARRS (Martin Automotive Repair and Racing Services) in Santa Clarita, CA, where work included:

  • changing the oil & filter
  • change of a crankcase screw and drain plug seal
  • change front right silent block
  • new brake pads, following abnormal wear of the front left inner pad (caliper pistons too dry)
  • front right window linkage lubrication
  • de-oxidation and tightening of the ground screw under the floor
  • temperature sensor lug brushing for the extra fan
  • change of front tires
  • windscreen wiper change
  • greasing the ball joints
  • lubrication of the rollers
  • change of headlight bulbs

And with all that done, they are off for more adventure, raising awareness of the plight of the 21 indigenous peoples they hope to encounter during their 40,000 km journey, which will cross 14 countries in three stages from July 2021 to January 2023.

You can view updates on the expedition’s progress here:


  1. WOW, a Traction Avant with disc brakes! I drove my TA from Toronto, Canada to Miami Beach in Florida… great trip!

    1. I know of another Traction here in AZ that has a real A/C and maybe disc brakes, not sure .

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