Stellantis Touts SUSTAINera with Citroën Oli

From June 27 to 29, Stellantis showcased the Citroën Oli Concept along with the the Peugeot e-208 at the Rematec trade fair in Amsterdam, to promote its strategic Circular Economy activities, and particularly the SUSTAINera line of re-manufactured products.

“Stellantis’ Circular Economy business is based on the 4R strategy: Re-manufacturing, Repair, Reuse, Recycle. Reman is a central pillar of it, as it is aimed at extending products’ lifespans and providing a sustainable addition in the Company’s after-sales spare parts range”, said Alison Jones, Senior Vice-President and Global Circular Economy head at Stellantis, who delivered a keynote titled ‘Re-manufacturing – our industrial and innovative scale up’ at Rematec’s conference program. “Stellantis is targeting Carbon Net Zero by 2038, a circular economy turnover of over 2 billion euros by 2030, and Re-manufacturing is a key component to achieving these objectives.”

Stellantis also showcased two cars: the Peugeot e-208 in the battery corner with its high voltage battery that can be re-manufactured; and the radical Citroën ‘Oli’ concept car at the SUSTAINera booth, an example of the Design for Circular Economy approach.

The SUSTAINera program offers re-manufactured automotive spare parts with a wide range of 13,000 parts across 37 different product lines. Items such as; starters, alternators, clutches, turbochargers, injectors, brake calipers, electronic control modules, control units, multimedia, SCR tank, transmissions, engines, and high-voltage batteries for electric vehicles,

The SUSTAINera REMAN parts program reduces the use of raw materials on average by 60% to 95%, depending on the part, and cuts the CO2 emissions by 30% to 80% compared to new parts production*.

Stellantis said that it continues to expand its worldwide infrastructure and innovative thinking, both in-house and with suppliers, to provide a growing number of SUSTAINera parts to customers. Worldwide sales of re-manufactured parts by SUSTAINera grew by 19% in 2022. This activity contributes to the Circular Economy, one of the seven business units defined in the Stellantis Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan which includes quadrupling revenues derived from extending product lifespan and increasing revenues from recycling tenfold compared to 2021.

“SUSTAINera delivers to customers and repairers a sustainable and affordable solution without compromising on quality: same performance and warranty conditions as new parts, while preserving the environment through decreased waste, less use of our planet’s resources and reduced carbon footprint,” added Alison Jones.

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