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19th ICCCR  Report – Dutch Treat!

19th ICCCR Report – Dutch Treat!

by George Dyke..... ICCCR was a surreal experience among a world of Citroën fanatics who literally came out of the woodwork to make this a delight for those 6,500 of us fortunate enough to attend.  This trip was in the making for myself and Marijke for over 2 years!   Other than the 12th IC ...
ICCCR 2016 Agenda Announced

ICCCR 2016 Agenda Announced

From August 11-14, 2016, the Netherlands will be organizing the ICCCR (International Citroën Car Club Rally) for the third time.  At the fabulous Middachten country estate in De Steeg in the Dutch province of Gelderland, the combined Dutch Citroën clubs will be presenting an extensive program for ...

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