The 2CV shows us that we need not more, but less technology today.

Here is a great article by Kris De Decker (edited by Vincent Grosjean) that appeared in Low Tech Magazine, advocating for the attributes of the 2CV to be applied to cars we are driving today.

Kris compares it with Citroën’s own C1. In spite of all the high-tech that has been squeezed into cars since then, the 2CV from 1949 is still more energy efficient than the company’s current-petrol powered econo offering.

Read the article here: The Citroen 2CV: cleantech from the 1940s

Maybe not being able to match the efficiency of the 2CV is one of the compelling reasons Citroën and others have now set their sights on electrification of all their vehicles. Even so, as Kris points out, electronics push up energy consumption because they raise the weight of the car and because they consume energy themselves (electricity which is delivered by the combustion engine). If we really want more energy efficient cars, the 2CV shows us that we need not more, but less technology.

We’ll add that for safer driving less distraction from electronic such as display screens and numerous controls, like the 2CV offers, is a virtue!


  1. This is the absolute truth, i am an 2CV enthousiast, and always surprised how simple and reliable these vehicles are.
    Also the engine power to weight ratio is very reasonable when compared to to todays cars.
    Also no electronics and no systems that can go wrong, and ad weight.
    A 2CV will get you to where you want to go, no matter the contritions, snow, ice, mud, extreme cold, scorching heat………..and all this at a humble fuel consumption.
    The lowest (all included) carbon footprint of the 2 CV has not yet been paralleled pro rata !!!!
    Just think about this ….!

  2. I could not agree more. Considering how recyclable the 2CV is vs the heavy metals laden electrics we are being forced to buy.
    I am currently in Costa Rica where the best of roads are limited to 90 kph, but most need the suspension and real world versatility of the 2CV to haul goods, move people and create economic growth. They dont need air bags and sat nav controlled, most of the world needs simple reliable transportation for a family trying to get ahead.

    Developing and 1st world countries need the simplicity of the Duck. Make it a kit and sell them everywhere so that lives and societies are stimulated, not repressed. Exporting beat up old heaps to poor countries may work now. But what about when all cars are electric and controlled by software. No Va! And those heavy metal batteries get dumped out of sight in places the rest of us dont have to worry about. But theres only 1 planet. The 2CV philosophy worked 80 years ago and will work again.

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