If PSA Plans Only to Sell Peugeots in the USA, Why is this DS7 here?

This DS7, spotted recently with Georgia license plates, makes us wonder what’s up with PSA’s commitment to return to selling cars in the USA? Why is a DS7 over here when they have stated that Peugeot will be the brand they will be re-introducing? Since PSA now has headquarters in Atlanta, it’s probable that this DS belongs to them. Who else would be allowed to import one and have it plated in Georgia?

In doing so though, it is an interesting reflection on the company if the DS 7 is deemed as the only suitable current model, among Peugeot, Citroen (and DS) as well as Opel, for the US market.

It would be even more telling (and amusing) if this is President and CEO of PSA North America, Larry Dominique’s personal set of wheels?


  1. Probably for testing. My mom worked for the former Saginaw Steering (Nexteer) and they’ve had numerous late model PSA cars for testing that had no future to be sold here.

  2. The practice of bringing in new Citroens or Peugeots for the companies staff in North America is nothing new as this has been done every since Citroen Cars Corporation’s demise. A minimal amount of staff were kept on from Citroen and moved to Peugeot both in California and New Jersey until Peugeot left the US market in 1991. The manager of then Citroen Car Company was moved to Detroit and both this person and future staff were supplied with a new company vehicle from France. Subsequently, I’m sure this is still the same practice for the staff now based in Georgia.

    For several years after Citroen left the United States new vehicles were also brought in for advertising purposes such as brochures to promote the vehicles. Although the cars were no longer sold here it seems that the backdrop of the American west was very popular in the promotion of new Citroens such as the XM!

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