The Citroën C3 has dethroned the 2CV, becoming the best-selling model in the brand’s history

With each new generation, the C3 has stood out from the crowd. From the “bubble” silhouette of the first generation, to the Zenith windscreen of the second, and then the crossover character of the latest. A character that has established it as the best-selling Citroën of all time, dethroning the iconic 2CV. Launched in 2002, the C3 has sold more than 5.6 million units, while 5.1 million 2CVs were produced in its 41-year career, this year being its 75th birthday.

In October, Citroën unveiled the new ë-C3. Produced in Europe, it is the first electric car of the B-segment and the only affordable electric vehicle in Europe, on sale at between €23,300 and €27,800.

With its 83 kW (113hp) electric motor and its 44 kWh battery that offers a range up to 320 km in the WLTP cycle, the new ë-C3 delivers more than enough power and performance to satisfy the majority of customers who need an electric city car for urban and suburban travel. Longer travels turn out to be easier thanks to its 100 kW DC fast recharging from 20 to 80% capacity in just 26 minutes and its new e-Routes smart EV trip planner.

Easy to use and versatile, the 4th generation ë-C3 boasts an attractive style, suitable equipment and a comfortable on-board experience. An ideal combination that even before it’s commercial launch has already attracted more than 10,000 customers in one month in the 10 markets that launched a pre-order campaign the day after the model was revealed. 

Citroën touts a simplified customer experience for the ë-C3. Only 2 versions (“You” and “Max”) are offered for booking on the brand’s website. Without having to pay a single euro, customers have access to exclusive information – right up until the car is actually launched. They will be the first to be contacted by their dealer in early 2024 and asked to place their order, and will be among the first to take possession of their ë-C3 in the middle of the year.

The launch campaign is running until January 31, 2024. Ordering can be done very simply online in just a few minutes: customers select either the “You” version for €23,300 or €99/month, or the “Max” version for €27,800 or €179/month.
The “You” version features; Citroën Advanced Comfort® suspension, Head up display, and My Citroën Play with Smartphone station for infotainment, active safety brake, rear parking sensors, cruise control with speed limiter, active lane departure warning system, speed limit recognition, driver attention warning, air conditioning, 6 airbags, and automatic lighting and LED headlights.
The “Max” version, which is more connected and equipped, features; Atacamite 17” alloy diamond-cut, two-tone paint with contrasted roof, decorative roof bars, dark tinted rear windows, My Citroën Drive with a 10” touchscreen and wireless charging for smartphone, Citroën Advanced Comfort® seats, electric folding side mirrors with defrost function, wrapped steering wheel, 60/40 folding rear seat, 3D LED rear lights, automatic air conditioning, and rear camera.

Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® ensure vehicle occupants enjoy a unique ‘magic carpet ride’ feeling of comfort on the road thanks to the use of progressive Hydraulic bump stops, allowing engineers greater freedom to tune the all-new ë-C3’s suspension to give the impression that the car is gliding when driving over uneven ground. Two stops are used on each corner of the vehicle in conjunction with the shock absorber and spring instead of mechanical stops – one for compression the other for decompression (or rebound). For lighter compression and decompression, the spring and shock absorber control vertical movements together, with no assistance required from the hydraulic stops. For major impacts, the spring and shock absorber work together with the hydraulic stops, to slow the movement gradually, and iron out jolts at the end of the range. Unlike a mechanical stop that absorbs energy and then returns part of it as a shock, the hydraulic stop absorbs and dissipates this energy.

Of the 10,000 ë-C3 reservations recorded within the first month if its launch, 44% were for the “Max” version, while 56% were for the “You” version.

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  1. Just my opinion, but simply carrying over a model name doesn’t mean you are making the same car. It’s like the difference between the air-cooled VW Beetle and the Toyota Corolla. The Beetle was in continuous evolutionary production, while the Corolla was just the same name on a new car every few years. So in my eyes, the C3 cannot legitimately claim the new crown at Citroën. 2CVs rule, now and forever!

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