A Closer Look at the Citroën C6 Lignage Concept

French automotive enthusiasts POA (Petites Observations Automobile) visited Le Conservatoire Citroën for a look at the concept car that led to the C6.

The C6 Lignage concept was unveiled in 1999 at the Geneva Motor Show. Deemed by many to be the successor to the XM, at the time Citroën said that there were no plans to put the concept into production. But in 2005, the production C6 was launched looking almost as sensational as the C6 Lignage concept.

C6 Lignage concept (above) and production C6 (below).

C6 Lignage photos:

Today the C6 Lignage concept resides in the Le Conservatoire Citroën near Paris.

Earlier this year Managing Director of Le Conservatoire Citroën, Denis Huille, explained (in French) the design features of the Lineage to POA President Renaud Roubaudi.

Check out the dashboard and console automation at the 5:45 mark of this video:

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