The Legendary Duck Now Available as a Playmobil Model

In its 42 years of existence, the 2CV has managed to win over all walks of life. With such a rich history and such longevity, the “Duck” has gradually become a true legend.

Now as a result of a partnership between Playmobil and Citroën, the iconic 2CV comes back to life 75 years after its launch to fascinate children while parents and grandparents recall childhood memories.

This cheerful spirit is reflected in the sky-blue color of the Playmobil 2CV and in the wide range of accessories. The duck comes with several figures, including a farmer with two milk jugs, who is accompanied by his geese and pig, which symbolize country life, a driver in a striped sailor’s outfit and finally a policeman who is reminiscent of the legendary gendarme remembered from French films.

The model car offers space for four passengers and is full of charming facets such as an interior that is true to the original, an opening tailgate, the characteristic headlights and a removable hood. The headlights can be switched between transparent and yellow. There are four different country codes on the enclosed sheet of labels and a wide selection of cheerful sticker motifs with which the duck can be individually decorated.

The model can already be ordered from Playmobil for €49.99 [including VAT], and deliveries will commence on February 24, 2023.

For those of us in North America that would like a more modern Citroen model and save on overseas shipping, a trip to a toy store (or Amazon) these days can get you the new Ami — though muscle power will have to substitute for it being 100% electric!

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