1923 Citroën Cloverleaf to Cross Australia

Do you remember Christian Darrosé, the Frenchman who crossed Canada from Vancouver to Halifax in his 5Hp Citroen?  Well he is at it again, all alone and this time it’s Australia.

Christian Darrosé

And he’s not going around Australia just once. As you can see in the planned itinerary (below) he will be doing 2 trips — one from December to February and the second from May to July – in a Citroën Type C (5CV) Cloverleaf built in 1923!

Christian Darrosé, President and Founder of the French organization Je roule pour l’AVC (I Drive for Strokes) lost both his mother and his brother to strokes. This time he will drive 15,000 kms to tell as many Australians as possible about the warning signs of a stroke.

The only breakdown he had during his Canada trip was his magneto. Luckily he had a spare one in board.

Christian’s 5 hp Cloverleaf spotted in Montreal during his 2018 Canadian trip.

We hope his Australian trips are just as uneventful.

You will be able to follow his trek and contribute to the cause on his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/christian.darrose/

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