A very special D Super is up for sale at Samuel Laurence Specialist Cars in London England.  This magnificent 1973 D Super 5, finished in period white (Blanc Meije) bodywork with original Red targa upholstery and Grey carpet, belongs to Len Drew.  Originally purchased by the CEO of a Citroen dealership, the car has had just two owners from new, Ken being the latter who has retained it for nearly 30 years and taken the odometer to its current reading of 66,368 miles.

Len Drew 1973 D Super 5_32 Ken Drew stands beside his 1973 D Super 5 at the DS 50th anniversary celebration in Paris.

Along the way Ken has taken every bolt and nut apart and restored the vehicle better than when it had left the factory.  A European show winner since 1987, it has won over 200 awards including being crowned National Champion at both the Welsh Benson & Hedges Concours (1990) and Popular Classics Roadshow (1991).  It also placed at the Scottish Benson & Hedges Concours in 1991 and 1998 and has made appearances on the TV shows Top Gear and Fifth Gear.

We love the way it presented.  Photographed with an interesting background and at just the prefect angles, it shows what is undoubtedly the cleanest D in existence.

Len Drew 1973 D Super 5_7  Len Drew 1973 D Super 5_5  Len Drew 1973 D Super 5_11  Len Drew 1973 D Super 5_30  Len Drew 1973 D Super 5_23  Len Drew 1973 D Super 5_4  Len Drew 1973 D Super 5_16  Len Drew 1973 D Super 5_8 

The D Super is part of the ID series intended as a more affordable and less complicated version of the iconic DS.  The ID19 was launched in 1956 and initially lacked its sibling’s hydraulically-operated clutch and gearchange, and unique powered steering and braking systems.  However, the ID range was subsequently developed in parallel to the DS and by 1972 was offered in three versions – the 1985cc D Special and D Super and the 115bhp 2175cc D Super 5.  By then, ID specifications had greatly improved and the latter was equipped with powered steering and braking and a five-speed manual gearbox.

Priced at Price: £79,995 this D Super 5 benefits from a stainless steel exhaust system, while its clutch was replaced in 2013, and the wheels refurbished and new tires fitted in February this year.  The vendor unsurprisingly classes the ‘rust-free’ bodywork, paintwork, interior, four-cylinder engine and five-speed manual transmission as all being in ‘excellent condition’, and is now seeking a suitably caring new home for this outstanding classic Citroën.

Len Drew 1973 D Super 5_1  Len Drew 1973 D Super 5_24  Len Drew 1973 D Super 5_22  Len Drew 1973 D Super 5_19  Len Drew 1973 D Super 5_21  Len Drew 1973 D Super 5_25  Len Drew 1973 D Super 5_6  Len Drew 1973 D Super 5_3  Len Drew 1973 D Super 5_13  Len Drew 1973 D Super 5_15  Len Drew 1973 D Super 5_14  Len Drew 1973 D Super 5_12  Len Drew 1973 D Super 5_10 Len Drew 1973 D Super 5_20  Len Drew 1973 D Super 5_9  Len Drew 1973 D Super 5_2  Len Drew 1973 D Super 5_17  Len Drew 1973 D Super 5_18  Len Drew 1973 D Super 5_29  Len Drew 1973 D Super 5_28  Len Drew 1973 D Super 5_26 







  1. I have seen some very nice examples of all Citroens, when our family in London, England had a Citroen Dealership, this latter was owned by my four cousins, their first names, first initials had named the company by its full name ‘MARN’ Motors Ltd, which had also other dealerships under the same umbrella , only different locations. Now the company is shut down for the past two decades, but the name retained, one cousin passed away last year, a few very rare Citroens are still around.

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