Traction Avant – 2017 Tour Across the USA

Back in January of this year I received an email from Roland Hagenbach that he and his friends from Le Club des 15 & des DS were planing to drive 6 Traction Avants across the USA in July.  They wanted to adhere to as much of the original Route 66 as possible. 

They planned to land in New York and drive to Chicago.  From there they wanted to take a route that encompassed; Bloomington, Saint Louis, Springfield, Tulsa, Weatherford, Amarillo, Tucumcari, Santa Fe, Gallup, Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Page, Zion National Park, Las Vegas, Seligman, Topock and ending in Los Angeles. 

I responded with few suggestions and mentioning that not much of the original Route 66 that still exists from Chicago to LA.  I listed a few other points of interest they might like to take in along the way, like Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah and wondered it they were going to cope in July in the southwest with temperatures reaching 40 ° (Celsius) !   

As it turned out they managed without problems.  And one day they saw 48 °!


They arrived in New York on July 5 to pick up the cars that they shipped over from Le Harve. 


By the time they got to Los Angeles they had traveled 8,200 k.

You can see a gallery of photos taken by Roland and Daniel Baue, another participant on the trip, here:

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  1. Has anyone within the small group driving these beautiful traction across the US written about it? like a daily blog relating the performance of the 6 cars, the challenges they encountered, the mechanical issues if any…etc….because as nice as it is to browse through the pictures, we’ve all seen similar shots time and time again either from family or friends, documentaries or other; but I would love to read about the Traction themselves. In 2002 a similar group of French people, 4 Traction in all, drove from LA to Amherst, MA to attend the ICCCR. The stopped by my house near Chicago, it was a great time. They did encounter some serious mechanical issues in NM, a blessing that 2 of the men were accomplished mechanics.

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