by George Dyke…..

I’m wondering if anyone has come across a Citroën watch like this one?  I purchased it in a Citroën dealership in Milan Italy in 2001 and I think I paid 280 euros for it at the time.  

It has the dual chevrons red background logo on its face along with the word Citroën underneath and a raised Citroën logo on the wristband below the word Titanium.  


Judging by the wristband with the notches where it attaches to watch body and the facia of the watch, it looks like it could have been manufactured for Citroën by Tag Heuer.   

Since C42 opened in Paris, I thought something like it might be for sale in the Citroën boutique there,  but their watch offerings were initially inexpensive plastic ones.  Later on, higher end models were introduced for sale, however they were either Citroën Racing watches with multi-dial rally features or watches branding a new Citroën model.  

Scouring the internet for Citroën watch images, there are countless cheap Asian ones with various Citroën model themes as well many with Citroën’s new logo.  Occasionally I see an older Citroën watch but never another one like this.

I’m wondering how rare it is?  Can anyone provide further info on this watch?  Does anyone else have one?