Update on 4-speed gearbox development for Traction 15/6

We have been following the development efforts of a French fellow, Pierre Duperray, who is working on a project to offer a 4 speed gearbox in a 15/6.  George Dyke met him at the 80th Anniversary of the Traction Avant meeting in France in 2014 and since then Mr. Duperray has been refining his design and building a prototype which is currently undergoing testing in an actual 15/6.   He just posted a video on YouTube of actually driving with it last week.  Though he says he is still perfecting some mechanicals, the video shows the dashboard installation where all the gear selection, including reverse, are kept within the gate of the original shift lever.

Screen Shot - YouTube 4-speed Traction Gearbox April 2014

Duperray says he is on-track to offering the kit for sale at ICCCR August.  It will install into an existing gearbox where the gear ratios would be changed so that 4000 rpm in 3rd her would reduce to 3200 rpm.  The 4th gear would be 1.2:1 as opposed to the 3rd gear 1:1 that the Traction has now.  Noise and fuel consumption are reduced and the adaptation the gearbox adaptation can be returned to the original specifications.

Pretty cool.  Can’t wait to see it at ICCCR!


Read our original post at: https://citroenvie.com/four-speed-gearbox-option-for-6-cylinder-tractions/




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