Update to Last French Built 2CV Stolen

It has been found: unfortunately burnt to ashes…

The search is over, but with a very sad end: It was located on 3rd May 2012, burned down to ash near La Roussière, France. The 2CV was clearly identified by the vehicle chassis number and the remaining residue.

It was the last commercially sold 2CV, a model 2CV6 Spécial in color “gris cormoran” which left the Citroën factory in Levallois-Le Perret on 18 May 1988 and then was delivered to Roger Brioult, from whose house it was stolen.

Brioult did not witness this outrage as he died on March 24, a few days after the theft of his precious car. The unique vehicle which was appraised at a value of 110,000 Euro. However as a stolen item, it was not salable to anyone in the market (similar to fine art stolen from museums) as the news of the theft spread in the area like wildfire.

The very last 2CV ever produced, (in Portugal) a 2CV6 Spécial in the colour “Rouge Vallelunga”, is secured in the custody of Citroën at The Conservatoire their heritage collection just outside of Paris.

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