They are such interesting vehicles, steeped in history and innovation.  Panhard was originally called Panhard et Levassor, and was established as a car manufacturing concern by René Panhard and Émile Levassor in 1887.   The last Panhard passenger car was built in 1967.  After assembling 2CV panel trucks for Citroën in order to utilize capacity in the face of falling sales, and raising operating cash by selling ownership progressively to Citroën (full control as of 1965), in the fall of 1967 the civilian branch was absorbed by Citroën, and the automobile marque was retired. From 1968 on, Panhard has only made armored vehicles.

Here are 5 interesting videos on the post WWII era Panhard cars:

First are two charming videos about two owners of Panhards in France (in French of course):

Florian, from the German Panhard Club, made this video where he souped-up his old Dyna Z with a special Tigre motor.  (The picture quality isn’t the best, but listen):

Panhard USA Club president John Peterson posted this video of his sister, Kim, his wife — Nikki and him cruising in his Panahrd 24 in 2008:

And John also posted this video on YouTube of his 1960 PL17:

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