Upcoming Celebration of Citroën Kegresse Autochenille Expedition: 1923-1926

There is an historic event taking place from the 14th to 26th of March 2014, under the auspices of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism.

The expedition’s aim is to commemorate the anniversary of the memorial plaque of Prince Kamal El Din Hussein who discovered the Gilf Kebir Plateau in the Western Desert of Egypt in 1925.  The Prince was also the first to introduce the automobile into deep desert explorations, in that part of the world.  A memorial plaque was placed on at the southern tip of the Gilf Kebir Plateau in 1933 after his death by Count Lászlo Almásy in honour of the Prince .

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Massive camel caravans of up to 500 animals were carried Prince Kamal El Din Hussein’s fuel supply as the logistical backbone of his ventures.  He was also the one who located and named the Gilf Kebir Plateau, in the South West corner of Egypt.

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In the Hollywood film “The English Patient” (winner of nine Oscars in 1996), the main character was transporting Prince Kamal El Din’s plaque to the Gilf Kebir Plateau in 1933.  The celebration event will  follow in the footsteps of those great explorers.

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Well-known national and international scientists will take part (as speakers) in this expedition presenting intriguing lectures on relevant topics.

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The organizers wish to invite as many Citroen Kegresse owners as possible to be part of this once in a life-time deep desert expedition, to come with there half-track Citroëns and re-live an adventure that took place 90 years ago in the Egyptian Sahara Desert.

More info can be found on at:  www.kamalexpedition.com

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