While on one hand it’s great that the Mullin Automotive Museum invited journalists to come and preview their “Citroën: The Man, The Marque, The Mystique” display they are opening March 11 in Oxnard, CA,  the reporting is going generate some confusion about the DS in historical context. Exposing them to Citroëns certainly gives our beloved classics new recognition to a whole new generation in the US that is not aware of the marque, but these days, because reports have to be condensed to presenting just an overview and few take the time do little more than superficial research, we get videos like this one from Wired’s senior writer Jack Stuart. 

Standing in front of a 1972 DS Prestige, he gives the impression that very car is what an early DS looked like, equipped with turning headlights for its introduction in 1955.  In reality the four headlights under glass design, with the the inner set swiveling with the steering wheel that allowed the driver to see “around” turns, was not introduced until the 1968 model year.  

Anyway, it’s nice to see that the young media media types are enthralled with the technology and style of classic Citroëns as they get the perk of driving them for a day at the Mullin.  

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