Yet another stash of DS in the US

This picture of 5 DS sitting on top of a shipping container has been making the rounds on the car forums for the past two weeks.  Originating from an ad placed here on Craigslist in Banks, Oregon, they have been perched up there for 15 years.

DS stash in Banks, Oregon 2  DS stash in Banks, Oregon 3  DS stash in Banks, Oregon 5

The price for the lot is $3,000. US.  The seller says that he has 5 for sale, but he is actually substituting a different DS Safari wagon (the second car from the left) with the one in the photo below that is lying on the ground.

DS stash in Banks, Oregon 1  DS stash in Banks, Oregon 4

At least the fellow had the presence of mind to get the best 5 off the ground in the damp northwest, and put them on pallets.

DS stash in Banks, Oregon 6

At $600 per DS it probably isn’t a bad deal if you’ve got the space and time for a couple of Citroën projects.  And, of course, you are in relationship that can stand the test of not 1, but 5 needy Citroëns arriving on your doorstep.


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