1965 Citroën 2CV

The iconic 2CV that sat in front of Dave Kane’s residence on Yonge St. in Richmond Hill, Ontario in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Now restored including a bare metal respray, new wiring, all brakes, fuel tank, roof, seals, ignition cylinder, new tires, etc. etc.

Certified and ready to go! The only thing I have not done to date, is to replace the front seat covering. I have the new seat cover.

Located in Campbellford, ON, Canada. Price: $15,000 CAD (~ $11,675 USD).


  1. Which motor is in the car? Any motor and transmission work been done?
    Has frame been replaced?
    Could it provide a trouble-free drive to Nova Scotia?

  2. I just bought this car from the previous owner in Victoria B,C. It failed the safety inspection, and I bought it for 1/ 4 of the price he paid. It is a “dogs breakfast”. The frame hade collapsed and bent the front body work. The wiring is not new as described . It smokes, and does not stop. I could go on and on, needless to say, the previous gentleman got hosed. The frame is completely rotten. A Citrion mechanic said “this car was restored by a monkey”.

    1. The previous owner that you refer to was not a member or even a subscriber to Citroenvie when he purchased the car. While we post ads for members selling cars, we also offer a free service to Citroenvie members to assist in finding decent Citroens advertised on Citroenvie, with other classic car dealers, and in online auctions to help ensure that they do not have issues like those you have cited. A request to qualify this car was never made by the previous owner and it was only after he bought it, that he contacted us and explained that he bought it from who he thought was a trusted acquaintance and from whom he had previously purchased a classic car! To help as best we could with his dilemma, we put him in touch with Lionel Hondier in Vancouver, the Citroen mechanic who competently repaired the 2CV. I see looking into our records that you are not a member or subscriber to Citroenvie, so I hope it’s condition before and after Lionel’s work has been accurately conveyed to you by the previous owner and for the 1/4 price you mention, you feel that you got a good deal.

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