by George Dyke

The weather was perfect for the show field. Overcast and warm but not unbearable. Wonderful for taking photos and taking the time to meet new friends and getting caught up with old aquaintances. Better to offer a photo essay of the event in this issue, I figure… So. with photos also from George Hamilton, Pauline Hamel and Greg Long, here it is: I managed to present a technical session on the Traction Avant with technical discussion assistance from my Montreal friends Richard Boudrias and Claude Guilot. (Richard is the owner of a gorgeous 1956 15/6 that was featured in the academy award winning movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Claude has just completed a phenomenal restoration of a 1940 11B Cabriolet for Louis Grenier’s extensive Citroën collection in Montreal). I covered a number of points that I hope to write up in a future article.

Rendezvous also marked the 75th anniversary of the Traction Avant and the 50th anniversary of the D wagon. Two beautiful examples of D wagons arrived that seemed to have come from a time-warp. In one case, a beautiful red one owned by John Maddock of Rochester, NY. It had just come from David Hume in Kentucky, where it has undergone a ground up restoration that has spanned 5 years!

Rendezvous 2009_37 redux

View the full photo gallery of Rendezvous here.


Steve Schoenberg brought his rare 1977 Maserati Khamsin (named after the Khamsin, a hot, violent wind in the Egyptian desert). It had a few Citroën trim parts since Citroën owned Maserati at the time. The obligatory bottle of Rendezvous wine was purchased, – aged a further six months once again for a ceremonious uncorking at our annual CAC Christmas party.

Pauline Hamel (pictured with Fransje Zucchero) once again drove her lovely Burton to Rendezvous from Quebec City, this time fitted with a new roof. One amusing moment had me, 6’6”, trying to squeeze into the Burton with the roof up.  Yes it can be done, as the picture strip shows!

Rendezvous 2009_Burton Seq redux

A real old timer – A 1936 Traction 7A was driven to the event by Ian Stokes. It was unrestored and unmolested – a great means to see how a Traction really was in that era.

On Sunday morning the sun shone, and we gathered in front of the Saratoga Springs Auto Museum to display the cars. Most of the Canadian contingent had to leave all to soon for the long drive back, while many attendees that could stay on took a mid-day drive on some local rural roads. Kudos to Robert Monteleone, Kim Walter and all the DriveSheSaid folks for organizing a great event once again!


Peoples’ Choice Ballot Results:
Favorite Traction Avant: Owner Name: George Dyke  Model: 15/6  Year: 1954
Favorite D break: Owner Name: John Maddock  Model: DS break  Year: 1972
Favorite D Model (non-break) Owner Name: Greg & Adam Long  Model: DS Cabrio  Year: 1966
Favorite 2CV (all sedans): Owner Name: R & H Lachman  Model: 2CV6  Year: 1978
Favorite A-Series Derivative (ami, burton, dyane, mehari, truckette): Owner Name: Neil & Ruth Bryson  Model: AK  Year: 1969
Favorite CX: Owner Name: Maurice Bourgois  Model: Athena  Year: 1976
Favorite SM: Owner Name: Philippe DeVingt  Model: SM  Year: 1972
Favorite Other Citroën (gs, hy, visa, xm): Owner Name: Roland Sotello  Model: HY  Year: 1967
Favorite European Auto (non-Citroën): Peugeot  Owner Name: Mark Diamond  Model: 504 Cabrio  Year: 1975
Favorite of Show: Owner Name: Greg & Adam Long  Model: DS Cabrio  Year: 1966


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