Tim Clark shares with us these 2CV photos from today’s ‘Carmel By-The-Sea Concours On the Avenue’ (better known as Concours d’LeMon) car show in California….

Tim writes:

Almost missed getting entered — didn’t know you had to pay to show, but got in…
Never talked so much, since I was paid to do it.
Heard so many Citroën stories from so many, it was excellent.
Got to meet Tom Warth who drove his 2CV from Minnesota to Carmel and was leaving to drive back tomorrow.  WOW!

Update — Aug 14, 2021 — from Tim Clark: “Once again, Tom and I finished in second place, who cares lots of laughs…

Tim aspired to make his 1974 2CV Saturday’s ‘pièce de résistance’ by offering a light, 9 a.m. snack of brie on sliced baguettes with a champagne pairing to onlookers. This year he opted for a more holistic approach, even offering judges a bribe in the form of a French postcard in case cheese was not enough.

“I’ve got several cars like MGs and so forth, but this is the most fun to drive and it creates more conversations than any other car I’ve had”, says Tim.

Originally owned by a student in France, Tim’s 2CVsat under a tree in Carmel for 12 years before purchasing it in 2019. He entered the Concours d’LeMon that year, hoping the vehicle’s decade-thick layer of moss would win him first prize, but he went home empty handed.

Cheers to your win this year Tim!

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