3 Citroëns Make Autocar’s New Top 100 List

A whole 18 years have passed since Autocar assembled its original ‘100 Most Beautiful Cars’. Since then, new cars have been launched in this fresh century at a frenetic rate as manufacturers race to fill niches opened by crossovers and alternative powertrains. New firms have arrived, too, and not all of them from the small industrial units of underfunded hopefuls.

While everyone’s got lists, it’s nice to see Autocar UK update their list (for the 3rd time) of the 100 most beautiful cars and that three Citroëns, the DS, SM and CX are mentioned, though we are surprised to see that the DS has slipped to a #14 ranking. We thought it would be in the top 5 of not the top 3!

Here they are:

# 14: Citroën DS19 (1955)
Autocar states: “It came from Paris rather than outer space, but you could have fooled motor show-goers in 1955. It’s still stunning 62 years on, for its shape as much as its alternative engineering.”
# 36: Citroën SM
Autocar states: “A wide, glassed-in nose, a rear track decisively narrower than the front, a car that rides higher on the move than it does at rest: it sounds bizarre, but the SM remains sensationally, lusciously beautiful.
# 74: Citroën CX (1975)
Autocar states: “Still futuristic despite being more than 40 years old. Confidently clean flanks, generous glazing, two-box shape and distinctive headlights still look good, so much so they inspired the recent CXperience concept.

The full Autocar UK top 100 list can be viewed here: https://www.autocar.co.uk/slideshow/most-beautiful-cars-ever-made-0#90

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