Citroën-DS-Manufaktur in Germany has just completed a new DS Caddy. Officially known as DS Caddy Series 2, it was built according to a licensing agreement with Chapron International that allows them to produce just five ‘brand new’ ones.

The Caddy Series 2 is a convertible 2+2 seater based on the DS. The windshield is 50mm shorter and the rear is completely different. It differs from the original Le Caddy by Henri Chapron that was first shown in 1959 and was the first Chapron DS to be designed with the single piece rear panel.  Early models offered seating for only two passengers and used the standard front doors from a DS but these were lengthened beginning in 1960.  Other additions included even more ornate trim behind the headlights running along the front fenders.  In 1965 rear wings were added, and by the time it was discontinued in 1969, just thirty-four examples had been made. 

The process Citroën-DS-Manufaktur uses for the Series 2 is honed from what they have learned doing many restorations of both D Cabriolets and DS sedans.  Based on an existing DS sedan donor, Citroën-DS-Manufaktur restores the front end, including the engine and all mechanicals, then constructs a new car from the A pillar to the rear. They manufacture new and improved rear sections of cabriolets from the A pillar back; a 60% stronger chassis, better metal doors and rear body, also adding trunks lid that are carbon-fiber.  (The original trunk lids were fiberglass.)

As these photo’s of this first DS Caddy Series 2 show, the result is very impressive craftsmanship.

If you would like to acquire a DS Caddy, or any DS convertible, we suggest you consult the guide that we published earlier this year:

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