We’ve seen it on rare occasions before – unable to rise, stripped of its famous engineering and comfort so that only the shape of it’s former glory remains. A DS so transformed by American hot rod cultists, that those who who genuinely appreciate a DS want to reach out to an Exorcist.

Yep, Billy-Bob and the boys fired-up their blow torches and went about cutting then welding up an effigy to the Goddess — the result being this heathenish affront to any true Citroën believer.

Possessed with little taste, but obviously talent to build a custom Street Rod, they spent over $300K to have a Corvette drivetrain underlying its body — now devoid of any attributes that gave reverence to the DS. Save for the steering wheel (which they mounted 180 degrees wrong BTW), the interior is no longer a heavenly environment. It has been ritually cast to be yet another cruse-night creation, re-imagined by builders who had no appreciation of the virtues of an original DS.

As this video clearly shows, its soul has been totally eradicated:

Still, as hard as this is to watch, one can’t help but admire the work that went into the project. We only hope this result is a resurrection effort of a D that was languishing in a junk yard somewhere, in a very sad state of decay. Nevertheless, to outlay over $300K on a junkyard find — heck, that kind of money could have made it immaculate again though a proper restoration — and with enough green left over to buy an absolutely perfect and original second DS!

If you have still have the willpower, click on this link to see detailed pictures of this 1964 “Citroen” offered for sale. It is in Scottsdale, Arizona with just 700 miles on it, at Kumbera Motors for the ‘hell-of-a-deal’ price of just $115K US: http://www.kumberamotors.com/vehicles/listing/1964-citroen-300k-custom-built-with-corvette-power-show-hotrod/

No doubt that some hot-rodder out there in America will be so impressed that, devil be dammed, it will sell!

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