Best Break advert — And it just happens to be for a Citroën!

Of all the ads we’ve seen that convey volume in station wagons, this illustration by Parisian art director Isabelle Sastre is our creative pick.

The idea to show a 2005 C5 Break’s length with an embedded bowling alley is pure genius. Adding a motion blur to the bowling ball makes it even more dynamic.

The advertising agency was Euro Rscg Works in France and Break, of course, is what the french refer to as a station wagon.

With this one image Isabelle superbly illustrates length to capture the feeling of immense volume in a whimsical manner. And the C5, parked looking like it is stopped at a roadside rest, entices the viewer to take a moment and want to bowl a few frames.

Isabelle Sastre

As you can see in the UK version of the ad, the C5 is called an Estate. (In the classic DS era, the Break was called a Safari in North American market).

Advertising Agency: Euro Rscg Works, France
Creative Director: Frederic Temin, Guillaume De La Croix
Copywriter: Georges Picaut
Art Director: Isabelle Sastre
Account Supervisor: Patrick Benveniste
Advertisers Supervisor: Jean-Marc Savigne
Photographer: David Harriman

For a Citroën that was not all that inspiring in outward appearance, the juxtaposition of motion in a stationary automobile is pure genius. We love it!

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  1. I had a C5 Break just like this one. It was a fantastic car in every respect. I just can’t understand why it didn’t sell better than it did.

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