Here is a link to a promotional video from Liebherr, a Swiss/German manufacturer of heavy equipment showing the assembly of one of their heavy lift cranes.  If you have ever wondered how they transport and assemble such massive cranes, it’s fascinating to see the process.

At the 3:50 minute mark, there is an unexpected but brief appearance of an H van.  They tried to lighten the technical nature of the video in a few places and supposedly showing the H Van mid-way helped as it has not only become an iconic coffee vending truck in many locales but also serves as quite a contrast within this production.

The cups and saucers were a rather staged thing, as is the girl, especially since she was standing in the back of H Van when it was driving in!

Thanks to Citroënvie member Hugh Robinson for bringing this LR 1500 crawler crane video to our attention.

Kinda makes you want to go and play with a Meccano set again doesn’t it?

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