Bob Hutchins’ Citroën Christmas Present to Cold War Motors

We have written before about the YouTube video series “Cold War Motors,” originating from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where the snow is quite deep now.  Old car re-builder Scott Newstead receives numerous donations from viewers — all sorts of things, sometimes NOS auto parts for a car he’s working on and most recently a Ford Model T.  He is also a Citroënthusiast owning a DS Safari, an SM and a derelict CX (back in the weeds) along with various Citroën signs and photos on the walls of his shop.

Cold War Motors is sort of an automotive themed version of Bob and Doug McKenzie, a pair of fictional Canadian brothers who hosted “Great White North”, a sketch which was introduced on the SCTV comedy series.

Back in June of 2021, Citroënvie member Bob Hutchins from Corinth, Texas, pulled out some Citroën publications he had for a long time and decided to send them to Scott. Occasionally on a weekly video he’ll open his mail, which he did on Christmas day, including the Citroën items that Bob sent — a Citroen booklet “Dates” (history of the company), a CX sales brochure in German, which he opened on screen, a 1998 copy of “Retro,” a French magazine about cars including a Model T similar to the one he’s rebuilding, some photos of ICCCR USA and Bob’s cars (a CX and BX), and a letter.   

In the this episode, with beers in hand and a wall of liquor bottles serving as the backdrop in the part of Scott’s shop where the video was shot, probably because of his beer consumption he wasn’t able to get the letter that Bob sent out of the document protector!   But he did manage to read page one, which included some of Bob’s family’s history with Citroëns.  Watch the full video here: (The gift opening runs from 14:30 to 19:05 on the video, in case you don’t care to watch all of it.)

We did manage to pull a pic from the video of page one of Bob’s letter: 

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