Bonhams Achieves Impressive Citroën Sales at Retromobile

While Artcurial took the spotlight at this year’s Retromobile netting record prices for auctioning off the Roger Baillon collection, RM Classics and Bonhams also conducted auctions the annual classic Paris event.  RM offered no Citroëns but Bonhams had a few double chevron badged vehicles on the block including:

Greg Long's 1956 DS19
• Citroënvie member Greg Long’s 1956 DS19 Berline (which was found in in barn and shipped from Greg’s home near Seattle, WA in that condition) was sold for €25.300.  Congratulations Greg!
1971 SM - 1
• a 1971 SM in well maintained original condition sold for €27.600.
1968 DS 21 decapotable
• a recently restored 1968 DS 21 décapotable that went for a very reasonable (by DS cabriolet standards) €105,800

1965 DS19 Cabriolet
• a 1965 DS19 Cabriolet sold for a more inline €149,500

1965 ID19 berline
• a newly restored 1965 ID19 berline that went for €16,100

1939 Traction 11BL cabriolet
• a 1939 Traction 11BL cabriolet in the current owner’s possession since 1971 and restored between 2007 and 2009.  It fetched a very respectable €184,000
Their auction also had a 1924 Citroën Type C Torpédo, restored and in nice running condition for just €9,775, – a price that must have had the buyer smiling given that the basket case 1924 Citroën Type C 5 HP torpédo trèfle in the Artcurial auction from Roger Ballion sold for almost 2 and half times that price.

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