Announcement from Brad Nauss — January 1, 2023

To all my customers, many of whom I have considered friends for many years:

After being involved with Citroën automobiles for over 50 years, I realized a few years ago, that it was time that I should plan to slow down and eventually retire.

One of the reasons I have not moved forward with retirement plans has been my concern and my desire that my customers would have a support system for parts and information that they need after I am no longer involved.

Today, I am happy to report that Brad Nauss Automotive will continue, even though I will be transitioning into retirement.

Brad Nauss Automotive will become Brad Nauss Automotive LLC with new ownership as of January 1, 2023. I am very pleased that Paul Anderson, a dedicated Citroën owner and enthusiast will be the new owner, who plans to continue to help you with your parts needs and information as needed. My hope is that you will have as good a relationship with Paul as I have had with all of you.

Message from Paul Anderson

10 years ago, I started my own Citroën experience when I met Brad and asked him for advice on buying a DS. Since then, I have acquired a DS21 and an SM and have met a lot of great Citroën enthusiasts along the way. Brad has been a big help over the years and more importantly has become a good friend.

While I do not have all the knowledge that Brad has, I have learned a lot over the past 10 years and my entire career has been in the automotive/truck parts industry. Brad will continue for a transition period to assist me to ensure that the great service and support you have come to expect from Brad Nauss Automotive will continue.

Please note that the business location, phone numbers, website and other customer aspects of the business are not changing. The goal is to make this transition as smooth as possible for everyone. I look forward to working with each of you to meet your Citroën needs


  1. Hey Brad — Thank you for all your help in keeping my DS(s) and Tractions on the road for over 25 years. I also appreciate all the support you have offered toward Citroënvie. Enjoy retirement spending more time with the family and, of course, driving your pristine Traction Avant 11BL.

  2. Thankyou Brad for your unfailing support of Citroen cars over the years. Its good to see the biz passed on to an enthusiast.

  3. What I’ll miss the is Brad’s step by step how to along with drawings
    Happy Retirement
    Rich Stanman

  4. All the best to both of you. Paul is a great choice to keep the flame burning. Now you can do more housework for Anna May. 🤭

  5. Best of luck to you in retirement Brad. I’ll miss your friendly voice on the phone. I am so glad to see that the business will be continuing in such good hands.

    1. Congrats, Brad
      Best of luck to you.
      Bought many parts from you before I finally met you in 1980 at Northfield in my ’74 Pallas. My first was my mother’s 1957 ID-19
      which I bought from her in 1959. Owned 6 since that one.

  6. I am sure that you made a good choice in transitioning to Paul! I hope you plan to attend Carlisle this year.

  7. Congratulations Brad!
    I know how hard it is to close the door (not shut) to anything that we’ve been doing for so many years.
    A year ago, at the age of 71, I retired from the restaurant business that I entered at age 20. So, although a different kind of work, but the love and passion of doing something for so long, that it becomes your life, will remained a part of you till the end, retired or not!
    In French, we said “Passer le Flambeau” but finding the right hand to pass the torch its another challenge. So there again, Congratulations, as I am. like so many others, very happy that you have found such a person to continue the legacy of Brad Nauss Automotive. So, Welcome in Paul!
    Now, as for you Brad, when you’ll finally get adjusted to the next “Retired Man” chapter, I wish you an exciting time at what ever you’ll get involved with, but most importantly, that you’ll take advantage of your free time and enjoy traveling and share much fun with your love ones.
    Bonne Année & Bonne Retraite Brad and THANK YOU so much for all these years of friendly and knowledgeable service you’ve provided for all our beloved Citroën’s

  8. Many thanks to you, Brad, for all your help and expertise with own “retirement gift!” (My ‘65 ID). Best wishes on your retirement, Brad, and congratulations and best wishes to Paul on his new venture!

  9. Congratulations Brad, thank you for sharing your knowledge and service with the Citroen community.

  10. Wow, a monument of knowledge and service to the USA Citroën community retires. Thanks so much for your service and happy retirement Brad!

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