Citroën Autoclub Canada’s 2018 Toronto Christmas Party took place on December 1.   An all-time attendance record was set with 50 people turning out to celebrate the Holiday Season.  To accommodate the larger crowd a new venue was chosen – the Mandarin Restaurant in Markham, ON.  The Mandarin offers a vast buffet selection of food, from many Chinese variations to Japanese sushi, and traditional prime roast beef.  Coupled with salad selections, soups and a variety of desserts, everyone’s appetite was very well satisfied.   


The party kicked off at 11 AM with a presentation from Citroën AutoClub Canada president George Dyke who delivered an update on the Club’s membership numbers, the officers elected at the Club’s planning meeting in November, and an announcement of the events that CAC has planned for 2019.  George also took the opportunity to introduce the 2019 Citroënvie Calendar, and present Citroën Autoclub Canada’s 2018 Golden Sphere “Philippe” Award to George Klein for his preservation effort of the “Mazmobile” – a 1982 VISA II Super X that was owned by the late John Mazmanian.

  Read more about George’s award here.   

It was a pleasure to see many new members attend the event, and a special shout-out goes to Paul Riccardi and his wife Lorraine who travelled all the way from Massachusetts just to attend the party!  


Everyone got the opportunity to take home a Citroënvie Panama hat, something that should come in very usefull as we attend all the summer activities planned next year in celebration of Citroën’s 100th anniversary.  

Attendee list:

  • Angela Fusco
  • Bernard Laborde & Agnes Sesboue
  • Brian & Jacqueline Chewter
  • Chris Deja
  • Dave Kane & Ricki Kretschmar
  • Doug Ogle & Elizabeth
  • Eric Haugen
  • Geoff Miller
  • George & Helene Klein
  • George & Marijke Dyke
  • Glen Konorowski
  • Gord Linkletter & Fannie
  • Graham McCreery
  • Harriet Nixon & Roy Pope
  • Herns & Ketty Pierre-Jerome
  • Iain Hunter
  • James & Diana May
  • Jeff Teerlink & Anashe
  • Jim Sciberas + Teague Sciberas
  • Larry Lewis
  • Lloyd McBride
  • Mark Ockwell
  • Mike & Linda Gillespie
  • Money Soora
  • Paul & Laraine Riccardi
  • Pierre Cambillard
  • Richard Kybartas
  • Rod & Nancy Mcnair
  • Sam Tabar
  • Senen Racki & Andy Racki
  • Sietse Elsinga
  • Simon Walker
  • Steve Loria
  • Victor Alksnis

Merry Christmas to all –  from Citroënvie!

  (“Santa gets a head start Christmas shopping” – artwork by Sjaak Oosterling, The Netherlands.)


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